Superior Hammock

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  • Down-Insulated Superior Hammock
  • Hi-Tech Soft-but-Strong breathable Ripstop Nylon
  • Comfort Range of 45°F to 70°F with 800 Fill Down (Before temp upgrades)
  • Built-In adjustable Ridgeline for consistent hang angle and storage
  • Weighs 31oz, Holds 400lbs (Weight based on 45F model)
  • Available in 10ft, 11ft or 12ft
  • Designed for excellent flat diagonal lay with no calf ridge
  • Optional Zipper system and zippered Insect Shield
  • Snap System for attaching Comforter as an underquilt, or Wind Protector
  • Includes quality Stuff Sack that Doubles as ridgeline storage
  • Includes breathable nylon lofting storage bag
  • ** New ** Cloud top color option. Ultra strong mesh reduces weight by 3oz


  • 60-Day Money-Back Return Guarantee
  • 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Ships in  8 – 10 weeks
  • 5% Re-stocking fee for cancelled orders


Customize your Superior Hammock:


Hammock Top Color

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Orange +
Royal +
Charcoal +
Camo +

Hammock Length


Hammock Winter Rating Upgrade


Elite Superior Hammock Upgrade


Bug Net Options


Suspension System

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  • Product Price: $299.95
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The Superior Hammock is the ultimate hammock: simple, warm, lightweight and cozy hammock with integrated down insulation, for all your outdoor adventures. Thanks to the high quality 800-fill down built right into bottom of the hammock, you’ll never need to worry about a cold butt again. Nor deal with complicated underquilts that allow cold drafts and slide off. The Superior’s elegant design is the best way to ensure a perfect warm night of sleep.

The Superior Hammock also comes with a built-in adjustable ridgeline to dial in the perfect hang angle every time and keeps the (optional) bugnet out of your face. The Superior also features our useful Snap System which allows mating with the Superior comforter and accessories. With the Superior Hammock, you will definitely be the envy of the campsite. You’ll be swinging in warm bliss while your camp mates are just finding a flat spot and putting their tent poles together. It’s time for a Superior Hang!

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in
Product Color

Burnt Orange, Royal Blue, Sky Blue

Product Weight

34oz (for standard weight 10ft Superior)

15 reviews for Superior Hammock

  1. Matt P.

    Amazing hammock/insulation system! PLEASE make a netted version soon.

  2. Wayne

    I love the hammock and mosquito netting, the only thing I would have liked different is the snaps to replaced by either Velcro or a zipper. I turn around a lot ion my sleep and the snaps would come undone.

  3. Steephen Haines

  4. Craig S.

    SET IT AND FORGET IT. When it comes to a good night sleep with no fiddle factor, a full length insulated hammock is the only way I’ll backpack when temps are below 30 degrees. The new 900 downfill superior hammock checked all the boxes for me! Rest easy knowing your backside is protected my CBS through the night!

  5. Mike Zeigler

    I’m on my 40th mile of Tahoe Rim Trail and so far this hammock setup has been absolute quality. The craftsmanship and skill that went into this project is awesome. The ease of setup is quick and easy with the straps that have infinite adjustability. The adjustable Ridgeline is a game changer also. I also like the buttons idea because you can pretty much create a second footbox with the underquilt, but when I change positions they do come undone. I have 130miles to go, but I was willing to put my review in early because I TRUST this setup and its quality. I’ll give a final review after my journey!

  6. Lawrence

    Absolutely wonderful tech; My bottom felt cozy as could be in what felt like near freezing late in the night. Went camping in summer in the Washington Cascades and my only complaint is that the hammock isn’t quite wide enough to cover me comfortably at those temps without an overquilt. A sleeping bag would do, but I love the quality and innovation so much that I’m buying the tarp and overquilt from Superior too 🙂

  7. Mike Head

    Love the hammock. Not having to adjust my underquilt is amazing. The construction is top notch and finish is professional. Can not recommend enough.

  8. Erik M.

  9. Don Kemp

    After spending about a month in my SuperiorGear hammock, I took a traditional hammock and quilt on a weekend trip. I arrived after dark and tried using Whoopie Slings….not enough space. I replaced the Slings with my Superior Gear Straps and wishes I had the simplicity of the set up rather than trying to set my UQ in the dark. Didn’t get the Gap right and woke up with a cold back at 5 am. Never had that problem with my Superior Gear Hammock.

  10. Laura E.

    Super pumped to try this out! Great quality!

  11. Lloyd

    Review for Superior Hammock
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

  12. Donald

    love it . when I got it I set it up in the back yard 20F and slept well and warm. Genius design. great advancement in hammock tech. the reason for 4 and not 5 is the tie out straps lack a quick connect setup so I bought some dutchwear gear accessories to accomidate. now its 5 of5

  13. Gene Suzuki

    Review for Superior Hammock
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  14. David

    Very happy so far. Went with the 900 fil lightweight set up. 30 degree. As soon as I received it I set it up inside and slept in it 7 days in a row. Very comfy. Well made. I have a spot outside that I will test to see how low of temp I can go comfortably, before taking it on trail. I havent tried outside yet. It’s very comfortable and easy to set up. Less fussing around, than my other set ups. Even though it is the lightweight version, the fabric is comfortable and dosent have any stretch. I have a new super light weight cloud 71 hammock from dutch, its nice,Problem is it is stretchy and not as comfortable to sleep in. I think this, superior hammock is the lightest set up for a full underquilt, and about the same cost as a premium lightweight full underquilt and lightweight hammock. So some cons. I like full zip hammocks also. That would be a nice option. The fronkey style bug net is a little heavy. I have another bug net that is like 5 oz. This one weighs closer to 10oz. Although it might be a little more heavy duty. I also like wider hammocks. These cons are more preference than anything else. Hard to find a con. Maybe more color choices? All in all my favorite hammock so far. Cant wait to get it on trail.

  15. Free Home

    Ever heard of KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid!

    This is a set it and forget it hammock system. No nonsense or fuss! Danny nailed it with the design and function! The 45 degree kept me warm at 35 degrees and I have no complaints ok performance!

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