Comforter Toasty Bundle



  • Down-Insulated Universal Comforter Comforter (Quilt) Bottom
  • Down-Insulated Universal Comforter Comforter (Quilt) Top
  • Single layer Classic Hammock with built in adjustable ridgeline
  • Superior Insect Shield
  • Superior Suspension System



  • Hi-Tech Soft-but-Strong Breathable hi-tech Nylon
  • Comfort Range of 30°F to 70°F with 800 Fill Down
  • Standard length accommodates up to 6’0″ Long, Weighs 24 ounces
  • Snaps for closing up foot box, and mating Superior Hammocks and accessories
  • Snaps and adjustable elastic at the top allow creating a tight collar for extra warmth
  • Unique attached ‘foot pillow’ at the top quilt bottom seals off gap from any cold drafts
  • Durable Quality Stuff Sack


  • 60-Day money-back return guarantee
  • 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Ships in 2 -3 weeks


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If you want the ability to detach your bottom insulation, then the Universal Comforter (quilt) is just what you’re looking for! Using our snap system, this pairs of comforters quickly and securely attaches to the Classic and Superior Hammock (for true winter camping) which are designed to be a perfect fit together. Our version of an underquilt solves all the issues of traditional suspended UQs. It won’t slide off your feet or shoulders as the snaps hold it securely in place. There are never any side drafts, and the end bungees allow adjustment to minimize any drafts at the ends. Or conversely allow some venting if desired. It can all be packed together for minimal fuss-factor.
And that’s just the start. This Universal Comforter can also be converted and used as an excellent top quilt! A small ‘foot pillow’ blocks the air hold when cinched up into top quilt mode. This might be the most versatile piece of hammock gear ever created!

This bundle includes 2 Universal Comforters, our single layer 10 foot Classic Hammock, our amazing proprietary suspension system and a bugnet.

So If you want the quality and innovation of Superior Gear but are more into the full modularity of a traditional Underquilt, we truly believe that this is the best version on the market.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 14 in


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