My Story

Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Hello, my name is Danny. I’m a husband, father, engineer, musician, outdoorsman and tinkerer-inventor based in Minneapolis. Superior Gear was born several years ago when I was planning a solo canoe trip in the vast remote area of interconnected lakes in Northern Minnesota, not far from Lake Superior. While planning this ‘Boundary Waters’ bucket-list adventure, and looking to lighten my pack, I decided to ditch the tent and give hammock camping a try. After researching all the available hammock options, I just couldn’t find the perfect cozy hammock and I knew there had to be a better and simpler way. So I drew up designs for the perfect insulated hammock. I bought some fabric online, went to thrift stores buying down jackets, often 2 or 3 jackets at a time! It took about 40 hours to sew what would be the first Superior Hammock. And it was truly amazing! Not only did I lighten my pack noticeably, but I began to get the best sleep I’d ever gotten – by far. I’d wake up refreshed, without aches, feel the gentle breeze around me and more connected to the nature around me. 

Ever since I made that first Superior Hammock, the idea keeps catching on. People are realizing they can get off the cold, hard, wet ground and not rely on finding a perfect flat spot.  Hundreds of people are now getting better sleep camping than they ever have before! 

I’m on a mission to make hammock camping cozy, warm, simple and light by removing all the guesswork for you.  My passion is to bring this incredible way of enjoying the outdoors to the world.

I can’t believe all that has happened from one little idea all those years ago. I hope you’ll join my story, ditch the tent and elevate your camping experience!

Hammock Adventures

I didn’t initially set out to start a business. I just love being outdoors and making gear. But most of all I love going on adventures. Here are a few highlights testing and using my gear. Keep an eye out for new adventures.

What amazing places will you take your Hammock?

Wind Cave Mountain Overnight Climb, Mesa AZ
The Grand Canyon, Arizona
Backpacking in the Colorado Rockies
Superior Hammock
Sedona, Arizona
Superior Hammock
Near Humphrey's Peak, Arizona
Superior Hammock
2018 Minnesota Frozen Butt Hang