The Superior Hammock story begins with Danny Warnock, a musician and software engineer who loves exploring the maze of lakes in Northern Minnesota. Several years ago, he was planning a bucket-list adventure to canoe/camp alone for 5 days in the remote Boundary Waters near Canada. While preparing, he realized how heavy his pack would be and had a light-bulb thought, “I wonder if I can ditch my tent and sleep in a hammock?” He began an online search where he discovered a growing community of hammock campers and quickly learned about the greatest challenge of hammock camping: the infamous “cold butt syndrome”. No matter how warm a sleeping bag might be, it gets smashed underneath, leading to miserably cold feet, back, butt, and shoulders. Danny found a couple of existing solutions, such as sleeping pads, but they slide around and still cause cold shoulders. Under-quilts, an attachable insulation piece, are an improvement, but they are prone to sliding off, cold spots, and drafts. They also require extra setup time and adjustment hassles.

Neither of these “solutions” were good enough for him, so he began designing the ultimate camping hammock. His solution was to simply incorporate down insulation into the hammock itself. After researching the best materials available, raiding thrift stores for down jackets, and over 30 hours of sewing, the original Superior Hammock was born. Weighing just over two pounds and providing warmth in temperatures down to 30 degrees, this is the simplest and coziest hammock on earth. Nothing like this amazing hammock was available on the market, so Danny founded Superior Hammock to fill this niche and share his camping vision with the world.

After years of refining and developing a complete hammock system, along with proprietary suspension system, Superior Hammock is quickly becoming a leader in the hammock industry. We are bringing the amazing simplicity, versatility, and comfort of hammock camping to new people every day. Join the Superior story, and explore the world in comfort like never before!


You live to be outside. You crave the wide expanse of sky and exploring beautiful, remote places that many fear. You were made for adventure.

BUT… camping isn’t awesome when it comes time to sleep. You have to find a flat spot, assemble the poles and tent, and then inflate a sleeping pad, when you’re already exhausted from hiking. And of course, the sleep itself sucks. So, instead of refreshed, you wake up tired and sore. Your hard-working body deserves better sleep! Your time should be spent exploring and resting, not dealing with heavy, time-consuming gear. Good news! A better way to sleep is here!


Introducing the Superior Hammock. The coziest, simplest, quickest, ultralight sleeping haven ever created. Weighing just 2 pounds, this unique hammock with integrated down insulation will keep you warm and comfortable all night. Using only the most cutting-edge new fabrics, the Superior Hammock is 10.25 feet long and rated for 400 pounds. Boasting a huge comfort range of 30°F to 75°F, the breathable materials and design will keep you at just the right temperature, no matter the weather. Imagine laying your tired body in a soft cozy hammock after a long day of trekking, paddling or biking. It doesn’t get any better than that.


We’ve methodically engineered the Superior Hammock System to have a simplified, efficient setup, in comparison to other tents or hammocks. Through much trial and error, we’ve optimized the entire setup so there are no extra ropes or knots needed. Superior offers astonishing speed, simplicity, and comfort.

Hammock camping allows you to sleep almost anywhere regardless of terrain or existing campsites, without the worry of rocks, creepy-crawlers, or water runoff. And with our efficient setup, Superior will change how and where you camp forever! We’re changing the rules of the game, and we’re betting that you’ll want to be a part of that.


Building the world’s finest hammock just can’t be done if you hire someone else to do the job. So, Superior gear is all made right here in Minnesota to ensure the highest possible quality in every stitch. Our gear is backed by a 10-year warranty and a 60-day, money-back guarantee.


Imagine all the incredible places you could explore with gear that doesn’t limit you. Be part of this camping revolution!