Ultralight Hammocks

We offer 3 types of  hammocks. All of them are gathered-end designs using cutting-edge quality nylon fabrics, created specifically for light weight backpacking. 

  • Classic Hammock – A traditional single layer hammock with a few extra features, like built-in adjustable ridgeline and snaps, to make it part of the modular Superior System.  
  • Dual Classic Hammock – A double layer hammock with a sleeve opening to insert a pad to reduce sliding. Has snaps and available adjustable ridgeline.
  • Superior Hammock – Amazingly cozy hammock with integrated underquilt sewn in. Includes built-in-ridgeline and snaps to close up or pair with our Universal quilt.
  • DayLite Hammock – The lightest hammock in the world! Weighing a stunning 4.5 oz, this no-frills 8 ft hammock is perfect for day hikes, quick hangs and gear lofts.