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Down insulated, thick-lofting hammocks and blankets, designed for bitter cold Minnesota nights will keep you toasty!


Using Silky soft yet strong high-tech fabrics, our hammocks are designed for optimal comfort, ideal proportions and a great diagonal lay.


So many tents and hammock systems are complicated. Every single product we sell takes out the guesswork and makes setting up quick, safe and easy!


Superior Gear was created for serious backpacking and camping. We'll help keep your pack light on all your outdoor adventures!

Superior Gear Hammock

Cure for the common cold butt

 ‘Cold Butt Syndrome’ happens when you lay in a hammock with only a sleeping bag. Even a very warm sleeping bag gets crushed under the back, legs, shoulder and butt, making it impossible to stay warm. Pads are one option. But they slide around, add bulk, and don’t usually keep shoulders warm. And although there are underquilts, these add setup complexity, tend to slide off and may result in cold drafts.

So what is the perfect solution for Cold Butt Syndrome? The Superior Hammock of course! With integrated down insulation providing cozy warmth down to 30F and weighing just 36 ounces, The Superior will lighten your load and pack smaller than most sleeping bags. Paired with our patented Suspension System, setting up is lightning fast. It’s designed for an excellent diagonal lay, to avoid bent knees. The Superior Hammock has additional features like snaps along the side for closing it up on an extra cold night, snapping on our blanket or connecting to other accessories. And it even has a built-in adjustable ridgeline to store gear and dial in your perfect hang the same every time!

And I mean, it just looks so sexy! You know you want to lay in it.

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What customers are saying

"I love that the down insulation is attached to the Superior Hammock. Setting up is really fast and easy"
- Henry A.
"The [Superior] hammock is fantastic! I took it on a 6 day backpacking trip through the high Sierra where it was getting into the mid-20's at night and it was warm and cozy! I was with two friends who shared a tent...needless to say, I slept really well and they did not! They were intrigued by the hammock and were very jealous that I was floating on a bed of down while they had to sleep on the rocks."
- Barry P.
"The material is so much softer than my other hammocks and that made it much nicer to lay in, and at the same time it was not too slippery or stuffy. The fabric breathed nicely and I didn't have any issues with it being sticky or clingy. The insulation is great too..The Strap System is something that really impressed me- the custom aluminum buckles made the attachment system super lightweight, and they were quite intuitive to use, making setup really quick and easy. Not to mention, the buckles are pretty stylish, making the whole setup look rad."
- Maddie E.
"I really like the products you are offering. In my opinion, they have made hammock camping more accessible and enjoyable. The Universal Comforter is amazing. The fact it can attached to the bottom of the Superior Hammock and make a winter rated hammock, or attached to the top to create a multi-season pod system that allows for an uncompromised diagonal lay, or simply used as a stand alone top quilt is amazing and there is nothing on the market as versatile or as reasonably priced."
- Keith C.
Best night of sleep I’ve ever had camping!
- Ben W.
Superior Hammock

A complete system

The beauty of hammock camping is how modular it is. Depending on the time of year, expected weather and many other variables, it’s great to be able to mix and match what you need. And this is part of why hammocks are so addicting. You can use your hammock gear in many combinations. Especially if you have the Superior System of modular gear. 

We didn’t just stop creating after developing the innovative patent-pending Superior Hammock. We also created an amazing top quilt (Universal Comforter), a super cool shelter tarp with removable velcro doors and snap-in adjustable tie-outs. And we also have a great bug net -zipperless to avoid snags.

Our Ultimate Bundle includes everything you need to sleep warm to 30F, dry and bug free: Insulated Hammock, Top Quilt, Bugnet, Shelter Tarp, Suspension System.

The entire system weighs in under 6 pounds!

Our story

My name is Danny. Superior Gear was born several years ago when I was planning a solo canoe trip in the vast remote area of interconnected lakes in Northern Minnesota, called the ‘Boundary Waters’ not far from Lake Superior. Looking to lighten my pack, I decided to give hammock camping a try. After seeing all the other hammock options out there, I thought there had to be a better and simpler way. So I drew up designs the first insulated Superior Hammock, bought some fabric online and  went around to thrift stores buying down jackets, often 2 or 3 womens’ jackest at a time! It took about 40 hours to sew up that first hammock. But man was it sweet! 

Ever since then, the idea keeps catching on. People realize they can ditch their tent, not rely on nice flat ground. Not deal with problematic underquilts. And hundreds of people are now getting better sleep camping than they ever have before. I hope you’ll join our story and elevate your camping experience!

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